Three Things You Should Know As A First-Time Home Buyer

If you've recently begun your first house-hunting expedition as a prospective buyer, congratulations! For many, home ownership offers a unique opportunity to stake one's legal and financial claim to a piece of property and to truly turn a house into a home without asking "what will the landlord say?" But for those who don't already have a home purchase under their belts, navigating the home-buying process can be tough. The Great Recession and regulatory reactions to the mortgage crisis added to the already-complex paperwork home purchasers are required to complete. Read More 

3 Steps To Take When Your Loved One Is Arrested

No one wants to get into legal trouble, but sometimes the worst can happen. It's always best to be prepared. If your loved one is taken to jail, there are ways you can assist them. Here are three things you should do if someone you care about is arrested. 1. Be calm and soothing. When a friend or family member is arrested, the first thing you need to do is remain calm. Read More 

Bail Bond Basics For Beginners

Hopefully you will never experience a time when a loved one or close friend calls you from jail telling you they have been arrested, but if this occurs, it will be better if you understand the system of bailing a person out of jail. After an arrest, the court will set an amount called the bail amount, and this is the amount of money the person must pay to get out of jail. Read More 

3 Questions A Mortgage Lender Should Answer Before You Decide To Work With Them

If you're like most soon-to-be homeowners, you have to apply for a mortgage in order to pay the house you by off. Here are a few questions any mortgage lender should answer before you decide whether to work with them: How Will You Determine My Qualifications? It's important to get prequalified by your lender so you know how much money you will be able to spend on your new home. By getting prequalified, you'll receive a maximum borrow amount so you can ensure that you don't shop outside of your budget when searching for homes to make offers on. Read More 

How To Qualify For A VA Loan And Why You Should Choose This Loan Type

If you hope to buy a house in the next year, one thing you should work on is finding the best type of loan to use to make the purchase. There are many types of loans you could apply for, and one of the options you have is a VA loan. Here are some details to help you determine if you might qualify for one, as well as the benefits these loans offer. Read More